Limit Breakers Global Foundation is Christian facilitation platform and network which caters to young girls and boys as well as women.

We are a non-profit organisation that empowers and provides access to information, mentorship and support within previously disadvantaged communities across South Africa.

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Praying Queens

We invest into the lives of our mothers and sisters, through our social outreaches as well as our annual Praying Queens Retreats. Our hope is to facilitate stimulating conversation, a positive personal image and self-discovery for all the women we are able to reach.

Investing in Young Girls

By catering to young girls, we seek to enable the our future mothers and nation builders to find their own identity in Christ. Through retreats, mentoring and dialogue sessions girls are empowered to define their personal brand, discover the careers which they would like to pursue, and develop their emotional intelligence.

women in rural areas limit breakers global foundation

Women in Rural Areas

With the increased prevalence of technology, woman in rural areas are very often excluded from the opportunity market and, as a result, have access to little or outdated information. Through our social outreach programme, Limit Breakers Global Foundation reaches out to these valued citizens.

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